Automatic Sanitiser Dispenser

With Touch Australia, we fight germs with the automatic disinfectant dispenser. We destroy germs, viruses and bacteria that can be transmitted to our hands. If we do not clean our hands, we can infect ourselves and loved ones from any surface we meet and spread them to every area we touch.

Designed to prevent bad situations from happening, Touch Australia gives you the chance to clean hands in areas where it is not possible to use soap and water, thanks to its automatic sanitiser dispenser. Thanks to the automatic sanitiser dispenser, it supports the health of people in all social areas such as offices, airports, hospitals, health institutions, restaurants-cafes, sports halls, public toilets, shopping malls and schools.

The infrastructure of the automatic sanitiser dispenser has a sensor, and it eliminates the situation of handing. Its purpose is to ensure that the hands are disinfected without any contact. It has the feature of spraying the disinfectant in its content in automatic dosage. It offers the convenience of use in all kinds of social areas, crowded points, that is, in all personal spaces. It is not easy to use, it makes the disinfection process practical. It takes up less space with its elegant design. It can be moved to a different location and mounted whenever desired.

The bottle cap structure is compatible with different types of products (these are liquid soap, detergent, or cream). At the same time, all the automatic disinfectant dispenser apparatuses are inserted and can be washed at boiling temperature. It is not damaged in the dishwasher. The disinfectant dispenser apparatus has systems with keys against theft. In this way, you can easily ensure its safety. It is possible to protect the disinfectant inside and the dispenser itself at the same time. It is also possible to benefit from key systems against theft.