5 Mistakes to Avoid While Installing Pop-Up Canopy Tent

5 Mistakes to Avoid While Installing Pop-Up Canopy Tent

Do you know what a canopy tent is? It’s a portable frame that provides shelter to foodstuffs, people, automobiles, or anything.

As they are foldable and portable, you can transport canopy tents to anywhere you want. Additionally, moving the tents from one location to another is also easy. Many people use pop-up canopy tents for sports events, beach parties, or wedding purposes.

However, everyone makes mistakes. Some of them are intentional whereas the rest of them are just accidental.

In this article, we will discuss 5 mistakes that you must avoid while installing your pop-up canopy tent. Without further introduction, let’s move on.

You Have Flaws in Your Preparation

Most canopy tents come with a case. They are stored in that particular case to prevent any physical damages. If you don’t take precautions while talking out the components from the case, you’ll end up damaging them. You should always start by taking them out and laying them aside to make sure you have all the necessary components. Then focus on the fabric foot and make sure there are no wrinkles present.

You Fail to Understand Whether it’s Water-Resistant or Waterproof

The people, who are using canopy tent for the first time, don’t know how to distinguish between water-resistant and waterproof. The fact is not every pop-up canopy tent can be considered waterproof. Most of them are water-resistant but cannot repel water.

Water pooling can damage the canopy tent by scratching the material. It may also spoil the frame and trusses of your tent.

You Panic When the Tent is Being Blown Away

Let’s be honest. Pop-up canopy tents are so durable that a small or mild breeze isn’t capable of blowing the tent. No matter where you place your canopy tent, they will always withstand medium winds. However, keep in mind that these tents are not designed to withstand extremely strong wind. So, if you feel like the wind is getting stronger, just pull the tent down. Instead of panicking, you should make the right decision because once your tent is blown away, you would never find them.

You Don’t Clean the Tents

Pop-up canopy tents don’t require too much maintenance. However, if you want to boost the longevity of your tent, make sure to clean them every day to remove any harmful dust particles. As canopy tents are made out from polyester, people assume that it doesn’t need any type of cleaning at all. According to Inspiration Feed, you should always use warm water and a soft brush to clean canopy tents.

If you don’t clean your canopy tents regularly, the material of your tent will become vulnerable to moisture and dampness. This will ultimately damage the tent.

You Build a Fire Close to Shelter

This is the most dangerous mistake you should avoid at all costs. There are tons of ways to damage your canopy tent and igniting a fire is one of them. This will not completely damage the tent but also damage other tents close to yours. As fire can spread quickly, it will create a massive disaster in the event.


These are the 5 crucial mistakes you have to avoid while setting your pop-up canopy tent. Always take extra precautions so that you can avoid involving in an accident. As canopy tents are famous for pinching hands and fingers, you should always have a first-aid kit.

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