A Look at the Different Contract Packing Services You Can Use

A Look at the Different Contract Packing Services You Can Use

If you have already determined that you need to partner with a good contract packer, you’re not alone. A lot more companies are turning to contract packing, and they have already outsourced their main packaging needs to such a service – and it has paid off. You are relying on an expert in packaging; as such, they have the means and knowledge to ensure that your products are not only packed correctly but as efficiently as possible. But what exactly can a contract packing service do for you? It’s a lot more than packing, for sure. Here’s a look at the different contract packing services you can expect.


If you have a liquid product and need it placed in bottles, your contract packer can do this. Bottle-filling is a standard service offered by contract packers, and it’s a service that is made use of by those in the chemical industry, food and beverage sector, and pharmaceutical industry. The proper hygiene and the use of only safe and sterile bottles or containers are of the essence for bottle-filling.

Bottle-filling involves filling containers made of glass or plastic with different liquids, such as acids, flammable liquids, alkalis or base solutions, solvents, bleach, water, and even toxic liquid solutions.

Customised Design and Labelling

Your contract packing provider may offer customised design and labelling, and this can give you control over your product’s look and outcome. For example, you can decide on the packaging’s colour and other pertinent details, right down to the design of the actual label. With this, you can be sure that your ultimate product will have a distinguishable identity that adheres to your company’s branding as well.

You can decide on all specs, such as the shape, colour, and size of the containers, to the information you need to include, such as an ingredient list. Some companies even have an in-house design service that you can make use of to rebrand your product. Alternatively, you can choose to outsource your barcoding and labelling rather than the entire labelling and packing process.

Vacuum Packaging or Packing

Vacuum packaging or packing can sometimes be intermixed with shrink-wrapping, but the difference is that the packaging material will have another way of moulding to your product. With vacuum packaging or packing, you have a fully airtight seal. Shrink-wrapping is also tight, but it’s not a hundred per cent tight like vacuum packaging. Vacuum packing is most useful for food, and it reduces the food product’s shelf volume and extends its shelf life.


As mentioned, shrink-wrapping is different from vacuum wrapping, but it’s not the same as flow wrapping. With shrink-wrapping, your packer will apply a film loosely around your product and then use heat to shrink the film and have it wrapped securely around the product. You can shrink-wrap products such as books, toys, and food products.

Contract Hand Packaging

Another service you may expect from a contract packer is contract hand packaging or packing. This is ideal for products deemed too fragile or delicate to be dealt with by machinery, and this is particularly useful if your products have an irregular or awkward shape. It can also be immensely useful if you have various items in one package. Contract hand packaging has proven great with hand-assembled products, such as gift sets and kits.