Art of Email Copywriting: The Nitty Gritties of Writing the Perfect Email Copy

Art of Email Copywriting: The Nitty Gritties of Writing the Perfect Email Copy

If you have an active Gmail account, go to its promotions tab and you will see promotional emails from various brands you must have subscribed to along with many unsolicited emails. We often tend to ignore and delete the unsolicited ones or mark them as spam and open only the ones that are of interest to us. What sets apart an interesting email from the others in the cluttered inbox is the email subject line and content.

Whether you’re launching a product, promoting a flash sale, or sharing your recent blog posts, what you write in the email will decide whether your subscribers will engage with it or ignore it. That’s the power of email copywriting. Right from the email sender name and subject line text to the email copy and salutation, you must focus on everything to improve engagement and conversions. Read on to find out the must-haves to create emails with copy that converts.

Start from the inbox- Use a striking subject line and preview text

When you have hundreds of unread emails in your inbox, you just scan through the sender name and subject line to filter out the important ones. The sender name, subject line, and email preview text are the first things your email recipients notice, and hence it must capture the subscriber’s attention. Use action words and emojis in the subject line and a familiar sender name to stand out in the cluttered inbox and improve open rates.

Decide on the content- Make it highly relevant and useful

Your email subscribers opted-in in the first place for a reason- maybe they liked your blog posts, wanted to hear about exclusive offers, or know more about your product. Make sure you do not disappoint them by just promoting your services and products. If they do not get what they are looking for, they might unsubscribe or mark your emails as spam. To ensure you send relevant emails, ask for your subscribers’ likes and preferences, segment your email list and send emails matching their expectations. Moreover, emphasize the benefits and value your brand or product offers which will have a better impact on the subscribers, instead of merely promoting your features.

Check out the content of this email from the brand Outer which focuses on the many benefits the brand has to offer with a catchy title and copy, supported by charts, images, and client testimonial.

Subject line: How Outer is saving you 💸

Offer a personalized experience- Frame an eye-catchy copy

Your subscribers receive hundreds of salesy emails every day. To get them to read and respond to your emails, make the copy personalized. Use a friendly tone and avoid using a professional or business tone. The more you sound like a human, the better the engagement. Personalized emails have the power to connect with the subscribers at an emotional level and build a strong trusting relationship with them, thereby improving customer experience and conversions.

In this email from Unsplash, the copy and messaging have a personal touch that reads as if written by a human. Take a look!

Subject line: 40 million views on your Unsplash photos ✨🏅

Really Good Emails

Source: Really Good Emails

Capture their attention- Keep the content short yet compelling

Use your email copy to tell a story or share a message that would trigger the emotions of the subscribers. Be straightforward and clear in your messaging and write a short and crisp copy that would make an impact on the subscribers. Instead of writing long paragraphs of content, try to capture the subscriber’s attention using compelling headlines, taglines and copy. This will lead to higher engagement.

The below email from Tattly uses a short and catchy copy to introduce their latest collection. The images and CTAs support the copy in conveying the message effectively.

Subject line: You’re Glowing! 💫


Source: Really Good Emails

Use a prominent CTA- Direct the users to the right page

The email call to action is a vital part of your email campaign. It is what drives the customers to click through. Hence, make sure you offer what you promise by linking the CTA to the right landing page. Moreover, make the CTA copy very clear and persuasive to get maximum people to click on it.

Here’s an example of a persuasive email copy supported by a compelling CTA by Prima. Right from the subject line to the title and email copy, everything persuades the user to click on the “Tell Me Everything” button.

Subject line: 🍃 7 Reasons to Try CBD


Source: Really Good Emails

Make testing a habit: Proofread and edit your copy

Testing and proofreading your content is an inevitable part of your email campaign. Make sure you A/B test different subject lines, copies and CTAs to know the kind of content your subscribers would wish to read. Also, with the help of Salesforce Marketing Cloud consultants, test your copy across various marketing channels. This will help you in sending the right message via the right channel, which will lead to higher engagement and conversions.

Wrap Up
Emails have great potential to provide value to the users if used in the right manner. Follow these tips to put across your message most efficiently and get maximum results.

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