Benefits of a Power Wheelchair vs. a Manual Wheelchair

Do you have to choose between a power wheelchair and a manual one and do not know which to choose? Choosing between the two is important and is often guided by special features, performance, and style.

A wheelchair can be likened to a bicycle. There are so many designs and styles to choose from. What is most important though is to look at the advantages and disadvantages to both types before deciding which is most beneficial.

Manual Wheelchairs

These types of wheelchairs have a couple of advantages. They are easy tor navigate in tight spots and easy to transport.

They require little maintenance and do not need electricity for charging or to enable technological features. As a user with the right amount of upper body strength to propel the manual wheelchair forward by yourself, it can improve muscular as well as cardiovascular health.

They are quite simple and easy to use.

On the other hand, since they rely so much on upper body strength, it can put strain on the back, shoulders, and neck.

They thus require strength and balance. With a manual wheelchair it is also much more challenging to venture up a slope or to go for long distances.

Power Wheelchairs

Power wheelchairs come in various sizes and styles and are equipped with many different special features allowing customization according to your needs.

With these wheelchairs you can venture onto almost any type of terrain or scenario. A user does not need to have a lot of body strength or stamina to travel longer distances.

Many of these can recline and tilt to increase pressure relief. Because of its size and weight, the power wheelchair is sturdier and thus more reliable. The weight prevents side to side or front to back tipping.

Although they must constantly be charged, once they are charged, they are able to provide energy and continuous power.

There are various types of electric wheelchair batteries, and therefore selecting the right type makes all the difference in how long you can use your chair.

They are mostly equipped with electromagnetic brakes which ensures immediate stopping when brakes are applied.

Although accidental rolling can take place in a manual wheelchair, it can be avoided with an electric wheelchair.


You should take your lifestyle into consideration when you are choosing which power wheelchair is right for you. What you do daily and how independent you are play a massive role in your decision.

An electric mobility device such as the power wheelchair is easily customizable according to your needs and comes in various styles.

What is also important is to have a relationship with a good and reputable repair company, to help you with maintenance and repairs of your wheelchairs.