Earring Models That Sync Well with Evening Dresses

To perk up your overall look earrings have always come to your rescue. From Indian wear to formal, and evening dresses, no matter the choice of outfit,  gold and diamond earrings are always there to add the right amount of spark and uniqueness. Imagine opening your treasure chest of earrings and being clueless about what will match your evening party gown? We feel you and hence we have put together a quick guide of various earring models and some tips on how to style them effortlessly with your evening dress.

Drops: These are earrings that fall right below your earlobe, where the top part of the earring remains stationary while the lower part sways with your moves. Drops or also lovingly called danglers, go well with practically any sort of outfit. If your evening gown has a round or a v-neckline, these make an ideal pick because they don’t infringe upon the neckline of the dress. If your evening gown is already printed with vivid colors then stick to plain gold drops, while simple monotone dresses like in navy blue, or black, pick danglers studded with colorful gemstones. You can check out designs of fashionable gold drops on the internet to get inspired.

Shoulder Dusters: As the name implies, these earrings literally brush off on your shoulders, and sometimes even are at a collar bone gaze level, thanks to their elongated look. This model of earrings suits your evening gowns that are off-shoulders, or with halter necklines, and evening side-shoulder necklines. This model of earrings not only highlights your slender nape and delicate shoulders but also adds the right amount of drama to your overall look. There are several styles of shoulder-duster earrings available these days, while some have gold tassels attached to them, some have stone detailing to them. If you are wondering where can you explore the latest designs of earrings, and other fine jewelry, then head to the official website of Melorra! You can check here a range of fabulous fine jewelry that is suitable for both daily and party wear.

Hoops: Nothing can make you look more retro than a pair of circular wonders – hoops! This model of earrings is the safest choice when you are in doubt because these practically match any face type, and any sort of evening dress. If you are already wearing a heavily sequenced evening gown, keep it simple by adding a pair of plain gold hoops.

J-Hoops: Like the alphabet J, these hoops don’t complete a full circle and rather stops at a semi, or half circle. A more modern addition, j-hoops have quickly become the favorite of women across the globe. If you ask why? We say these are cute, contemporary, go well with western dresses, and are pocket-friendly. On the days when you don’t want to wear studs with your evening dress, j-hoops make a stylish alternative. These pair well with an already bright-colored gown.

We hope the above guide will help you with resolving the dilemma of matching the right pair of earrings with your evening party gown. So go ahead, and shine away!