Hand Sanitiser

Touch Australia produce the highest quality and safe sanitiser for hands on the market. In the production of hand sanitiser, use the MikroGuard method to offer you better quality products. Thanks to this method, hand sanitiser attracts pathogens and kills them in a short time and inactivates them.

When the Touch Australia Hand Sanitiser product, which is produced by the MikroGuard method, is used, it forms a protective layer by bonding to the hands. Thanks to this protective layer, your hands are safely protected from germs and viruses for up to 24 hours.

First, they produce hand sanitisers with or without alcohol. Their alcohol-based or non-alcoholic products are inseparable in protection reliability. Developed with MikroGuard technology, Touch Australia hand sanitisers attract attention with their strong protection feature. Thanks to its MikroGuard feature, it kills pathogens such as viruses and microbes. Therefore, it inactivates pathogens. Hand sanitiser provides strong protection for up to 24 hours.

It protects your hands and your health from viruses due to its ability to bind to the hands, forming a strong antimicrobial layer. It has been tested in the laboratory and has vegan properties.

Touch Australia hand sanitiser products are available in spray, foam, and gel forms. Both forms are frequently preferred by customers. While spray forms are generally preferred for transportation situations, those in gel and foam forms are suitable for use in public areas such as hospitals, schools, workplaces. Touch Australia hand sanitiser products vary in production form. However, Touch Australia offers you the best quality and affordable hand sanitisers.