Here’s How to Make Money When You’re Young

Here’s How to Make Money When You’re Young

Starting as a young entrepreneur can be great for the soft skills and lessons teanagers learn. Learning how to market, budget, work with money and customers can be great traits late in life for teenagers. We have compiled some of the best categories and types of businesses teenagers can start with.

Good Business Ideas For Teens

Maybe as a teen one really would like to learn and earn extra money but have no idea where to start. Choose a category best suited to the teens personality and skill set and market, market, market. TRUiC provides more good business ideas for teens as well as how to choose the best business name on their website.

Art and Design Business

For teens who are artsy and creative think of an illustration business, photo editing or graphic designing. One could also start a photography business especially if the teen already has a camera and can start getting their name out at school and school events. Another option could be to start a professional makeup business, for teens who love doing makeup. There will be some costs to get started as a course might have to be done and all products and equipment would need to be purchased but this could be a great and profitable business.

Cleaning and Maintenance Businesses

If the teen loves gardening they could consider starting a lawn care business. This will require some start-up costs if the customer’s equipment is not used but a teen could make up to $50000 per year.

Lifestyle Business

Great business ideas for teens who would not like to turn their hobbies into businesses would be to start a lifestyle business like a professional organiser or a dog walking company. Trending lifestyle businesses are babysitting, house sitting and pet sitting. The teen needs to be really responsible and reliable. No start-up costs are needed and a sustainable income can be made.

Speciality Craft Business

Does the teenager have a speciality hobby, or cand do crafts really well? Consider a business like soap making or candle making. People love hand crafted soaps and candles. There will be some costs involved in getting all the right materials but the products could get really popular and can even be sold online or on Etsy.

Social Media and eCommerce Business

Social Media and eCommerce Businesses have boomed. What better way to help entrepreneurs manage their social media pages than a teenager who probably knows all the trending and popular content. A teen only needs to know how to design and have a knowledge of the social media platforms to start a social media business.

Another great idea would be to start a live-streaming business, teens that love gaming and have skills in esports can make quite a bit of money streaming on platforms like Twitch, YouTube or Facebook.

Teaching and Coaching Business

If the teen has a talent or skill in art or musical instruments consider giving private lessons to younger kids. This is a great way to utilise your talents to start a business. Lessons can be given after school and over weekends and start-up costs would be low.

Teens can also consider home tutoring or test prep business. If the teen is particularly good in a specific subject younger kids might need help with preparing for exams and tests or weekly tutoring. Tutors can make up to $40 per hour and as the teens business grows popular great profits can be made.

Writing and Publishing business

Teengers who love writing can start a freelance wiring business. There are no start-up costs and one would only need wifi, a computer and advertising the income and profits could be great. One can also think of writing and drawing children’s books. There are some costs involved when starting but a popular book can bring in quite a lot of profits.