How to Benefit from an Enterprise Digital Mail Solution

Enterprise digital mail is an increasingly attractive avenue for digital transformation, accelerated by the ongoing complications of the pandemic. Business and corporations are looking to update their existing operations to drive efficiency, open collaboration and drive remote work.

In doing so, organizations can feel confident in their ability to evolve into the unseen future. Digital transformation allows organizations to seamlessly step into the remote work landscape creating cost savings, increased security and improved workflows. If there has ever been a time to move to a digital mailroom — it’s now.

What is Enterprise Digital Mail?

An enterprise is your company, or non-profit, or business. Digital mail is a solution that takes paper mail and turns it into a digital version that safely and securely separates paper mail. Enterprise digital mail is simply a digital mail solution for your enterprise. Basically, an enterprise digital mail solution is a whole team of specially trained people that take care of the mail for you.

Digital mail is becoming increasing necessary in the move to a remote and hybrid work environment. As teams continue to remain diligent around transmission risk, the need for accessible and collaborative mailrooms will only increase.

This is the Best Part;

By taking your mailroom solution digital, your organization can relieve resources spent previously distributing mail. Adopting a digital mailroom creates long-term resiliency and cost-savings for your organization.

Digital Mail VS Paper Mail

Another headache of the physical mail environment is its destruction and storage. By utilizing a digital mailroom solution your organization can seamlessly move assets and data into downstream systems of record. Receiving paper mail at the business entails:

  • Receiving physical mail
  • Opening and processing
  • Separating and routing
  • Logging and making notes

Depending on the size of the mail load this could make full time work for a whole crew of people. By using an enterprise digital mail solution you alleviate the whole mailroom problem and get a speedy process with the help of advanced technology.

  • Paper mail is bulky and takes a long time to get from here to there.
  • Digital mail is easily stored and handled. It gets from here to there instantly.

When it comes to security and real-time tracking, digital mail is the leading avenue. In a physical mail environment there is no way to understand who has seen, distributed or accessed sensitive customer information. Physical mail presents a huge security risk because it can not be monitored. Conversely, digital mail can be monitored from end to end with full transparency on any action related to each asset.

Benefits of an Enterprise Digital Mail Solution

One of the biggest benefits that springs from using a digital mail solution is that it cuts down on human contact and helps to prevent the spread of COVID. If that is not enough to start the conversation, there are many other benefits that come out of having a digital mail solution.

Here are several:

  • Decrease costs
  • Optimize efficiency
  • More control and transparency
  • Faster response times for customers
  • Seamless integration
  • Security and privacy
  • Flexible for any business

Discover Your Enterprise Digital Mail Solution

Eco-Mail is the leading enterprise software provider that digitizes an organization’s mail. Our solution eliminates sorting in the mailroom and physical delivery to recipients, facilitates remote work by both individuals and groups. In addition to tremendous cost savings, Eco-Mail streamlines operations; improves process, audit and compliance controls; and allows businesses to be more flexible and responsive. Downstream scanning, duplication, and interoffice mail are virtually eliminated. Take your first steps today and seek out the benefits of digital transformation so that you can take your business to the highest level of efficiency and security.