How to Use an Employee Survey?

How to Use an Employee Survey?

Employee surveys can be a good way to get information on how your workforce feels about their job, the workplace, and the company. If you are going to go to all of the trouble of setting up and conducting a survey, you need to make sure that it’s done efficiently and that the data collected can be easily sorted and examined so conclusions can be reached.

Have Focus

While it can be tempting to cram a survey with questions so that you can collect masses of information in one go, it’s best to go for something that’s concise and gets to the point quickly.

Always make sure that your survey has a purpose before starting out. Work out what you want to discover from your survey. Do you want to know about employee satisfaction? Are you interested in discovering people’s thoughts on workplace culture? Work it out before hand and focus your survey on that particular topic.

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What Kind?

What kind of survey are you going to compile? Really, multiple choice surveys are the easiest to use, as they are easy to collect the data from the uniform questions. However, it’s easy for you to miss important information from people who aren’t represented by the choices. Surveys that allow for individual answers to be written in will be more thorough, but they’re harder to gather conclusive data from.

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Now you ned to choose between anonymous and non-anonymous. People are more likely to put truthful answers on anonymous surveys, so this can be the more desirable option, particularly if it involves sensitive questions.

Make sure that your team knows what the survey is about and what you are hoping to achieve. Because surveys are common, there shouldn’t be any difficulty in conducting the survey as your team will be used to filling them in.


Once the survey is completed, you need to draw your conclusions from it. If you are using a third party to compile and conduct the survey, then they will be able to work out what the final results are, but it’s up to you to implement any changes needed

Share the results of the survey with your team to ensure they know how things can be improved. Choose some of the major points for improvement and work on them. Keep track of your progress over a period of three to six months and then resurvey your team to see if they believe improvements have been made.