Intrigued About Stylish, Expressive & Versatile Finger Tattoos? Here’s What You Need To Know

There’s no limit to creativity in the tattooing world! This ritual or inking body parts- even the delicate is getting more and more popular in this fast-moving society.

Take finger tattooing, for instance! They are expressive, versatile, and stylish in every sense of the term. Be sure to fully understand the proper finger tattoo aftercare instructions! Many tattoo artists clearly blame the emerging Instagram trends and upscale celebrities for the unexpected surge in finger tattoos’ popularity!

Remember the time when Rihanna revealed her finger tattoo – ‘shhh’; enthusiasts from all over the world were intrigued by this alluring tattooing trend. It was all they needed to try it out for themselves.

Many even skedaddled to their nearest tattoo shop to get a finger tattoo without even gathering up the facts. This classic FOMO – (Fear of Missing Out) compulsion was radically taken advantage of and used as an effective marketing concept to coax people into giving this latest tat-trend a go. And with the looks of it, the whole endeavour on these marketers part turned out to be a resounding success.

Digging Deeper On Finger Tattoos!

Various Types of Finger Tattoos & Their Different Meanings

Similar to tattooing anywhere else, there is no scarcity of art forms for finger tattoos either. The commonest one being the wedding ring design tattoo simply because many seemed to have forgone the costly diamond ring and instead opted to ink their fingers with a design sharing its likeness! It’s essential to fully understand tattoo aftercare instructions!

  • Most couples who are into such designs often get the same design art simply as a means to connote their mutual promises or pledges towards one another. Seems rather preposterous, from a downright rational point of view, but that’s how these couples think!
  • Besides this, another popular finger tattoo design appears to be that of a semicolon design. This is one trend that has heightened in popularity over the last few years. Its symbolic interpretation implies proper awareness of mental health and finding the strength to deal with their struggles positively!
  • Cross-design finger tattoos are common among many enthusiasts, especially those who consider this emblem as a token of their undying devotion and respect towards their Christian beliefs. Similarly- single-word tattoos like motivational phrases of imagine, love, strength, and belief are also something they dig and regularly try out!

But that’s not the end of it. There are many more possible designs that avid enthusiasts try out as their own means of expressing themselves.

That said, since space limitations on fingers are somewhat limited, you need to sort out a perfect design which not only fits properly on your intended finger but also helps express your thoughts and beliefs.

That’s why you should first find out a reputed tattooing specialist in your area to help you come up with a design that best describes you and your persona.

Is Finger Tattooing Painful?

Truth be told, finger tattooing can cause more pain in comparison to inking any other body part and thus it is better to use Tattoo Ointments and other related products such as Numb spray for tattoos. The fingers are delicate, pain-sensitive limbs that have a less fat presence around them.

Your chosen tattooing artist uses the inking needle and has to work around your delicate bones and knuckles. Since there are very few muscles and fat mass to cushion the painful sensations of the needle, not to forget more nerve endings, a bit more pain, and discomfort is most definitely expected during the process.

That said, the pain felt is temporary and lasts till the duration of the process.

Still, if you feel that you can handle the extra bit of discomfort during finger tattooing, then you might as well improve your chances of success by choosing a trusted tattooing specialist in your region!

Is It True That Finger Tattoos Fade Relatively Quicker?

Yes, that’s true! Finger tattoos tend to fade relatively quicker than the ones done on other body parts. Exposure to moisture, sweat, and the sun’s harsh rays plays a crucial part in it over time. Make sure to use Tattoo Sunscreen to get best results.

Another explanation would be that the nature of the skin over your fingers, which tends to experience a lot of movement over the bones, can cause the ink to fade away.

So The Bottom Line Being – if you want to tattoo your fingers, you might as well accept the fact that you will have to pay frequent visits to your nearby tattoo shop to revamp your design!

What’s The Recommended Care Post-Tattooing?

Fingers are anyway unusual places to add a tattoo. For starters, they are always visible and exposed to dust, dirt, sweat, water, and sun-rays!

Plus, you also need to clean them properly on a regular basis before and after eating and even during bathing. Use of proper Tattoo Aftercare creams are very important here.

This can make maintaining finger tattoos very difficult and in need of frequent tune-ups. That said, tattoo experts recommend using a quality odor-free moisturizer to safeguard and nourish your finger skin! Learn when is a tattoo fully healed?

The Associated Costs of Finger Tattooing

Since different tattoo designs differ in their costs among various artists, it can be somewhat difficult to determine the precise cost range.

  • If you want to go with a tiny art form, then the amount you’re expected to pay should be in-between $40-$60.
  • That said, if you want to go with a large design probably which takes up your entire finger, then the cost will be in-between $200 -$500 (perhaps even more)

Which Finger Should You Tattoo On?

Ideally, there is no particular finger that you can tattoo on. So, it all boils down to you upon which finger you want to tattoo. What happens if you don’t put ointment on your new tattoo?

That said, some parts on the finger could be more suitable for tattooing. Avoid inking fingers which you wear rings on. Also, avoid the underside of the finger (inside portion of the finger). The same can be said about the knuckles, which are always tricky spots to tattoo.

The best place would probably be at the tops of the finger- far away from the knuckle area!


Finger tattoo is a trend that has taken the world of fashion by storm ever since avid enthusiasts saw the first glimpse of it. Today, you will find many trying out this trend and openly expressing themselves!

Again saying, there are much better body parts where you can get inked. But if you still want to tattoo your fingers, then always get it done through a reliable tattoo professional- having prior experience in finger tattooing.