Looking for a New Bungalow in Pune? Use This Time to Buy Them at Very Competitive Rates.

When the Pandemic hit us, the world stood still and so did our livelihoods. Many markets crashed, one of them being The Real Estate Market. If you are one of those people who are ready to settle in a new bungalow for sale in Pune, but just happen to be stuck in the dilemma caused by this surge of confusion due to the Pandemic, please rest assured.

In this article, you will learn about the best places to go look for a bungalow scheme for sale in Pune, twin bungalows for sale in Pune, independent bungalow for sale in Pune or row house bungalow Pune for sale, on top of that, important things that you should not overlook while choosing to buy a property.

Affordable Bungalow for sale in Pune according to Income

The latest budget has lifted the gloomy picture from the market by giving way to foreign domestic investment or FDI, to projects, minimum capitalization, the additional 4000 crores for cheaper loans. Some of the best places for investment according to prices of bungalows for sale in Pune are as follows –

For an income of Rs. 10-20 Lakh per Annum

  • Hinjewadi – 18% of a year return and 4000/sq ft.
  • Kondhwa – 18% of a year return and 4000/sq ft.
  • Kharadi – 12% of a year return and 4000/sq ft.

For an income of Rs. 20-40 Lakh per Annum

  • Aundh – 11% of a year return and 7000/sq ft
  • Kothrud- 10% of a year return and 9000/sq ft.

Things to Look Out For 

Liquidity Push

The economic crash has led developers to earn about 3% of the profits which has pushed them to go for high-cost loans on top of expensive project costs.

Supply Overhang

The supply of excess inventory in the major cities has resulted in the high numbers of unsold properties.

Price Correction

Excess supply should result in a price fall to offers on new properties. Fall in prices have seen an unprecedented rise in capital values hence, one can expect 10-12% of the return.

Launch Pad

Due to the slow rise and huge investments, launch rates are slower than before and this might lead to piling up of pending projects.

Attractive Schemes

To attract buyers, attractive schemes are given out at low costs for the best bungalow sale projects in Pune. This might not be a good idea.

As the market slowly returns to its usual value, prices are likely to go higher. So the best time to invest or buy a property in a city like Pune is right now when the rates are dropped to a lower proportion than before. But always make sure to do proper research before you start looking into properties because no matter how much people try to lure you into attractive schemes, they might turn out to be huge scams to loot good people like you. So pay attention to details and double-check