Research in Details Before Getting a Tattoo on Your Upper Shoulder

Research in Details Before Getting a Tattoo on Your Upper Shoulder

Tattoos have become a part of a style statement, and everybody part can become a canvas for the perfect artist without much hassle. You have to bear with the pain when you decide to have a trendy and exceptional tattoo in some places with bone or some joints. One of such tricky body parts to get a tattoo is the upper shoulder. But with proper Tattoo aftercare you can reduce the pain.

Both men and women are showing their daring characteristics as they are getting inked at the shoulder. Girls with off-shoulder dresses and tops are showing off their Upper Shoulder tattoos to the world. Men are not lagging behind as they pose bare for the camera.


People, mainly the men in black, love to have shoulder tattoos to portray the strength and toughness in their personality. The tattoos are such an easy to portray yourself without much talking.

The design you choose, along with the placement, speaks a lot on behalf of you and people who have eyes to understand and who understand what the tattoos are for; they get the message well. The upper Shoulder tattoo is one such tattoo that offers you the credibility and boldness you are looking for. You tolerate the pain of piercing to keep yourself upfront with the tattoo in your body. But be sure to learn things like How to fix your over moisturized tattoo?

Styles and Designs

Enthusiasts interested in shoulder tattoos prefer religious symbols or tribal signs above anything as design. Masculine gender like to get inked in a way so that their personality gets enhanced more. On the other hand, women choose light and sleek designs like a single line of message or hymn that make their style more stylish and ecstatic compared to the other tattoos.

The Upper Shoulder tattoo offers a wider canvas for the artist compared to other parts of the body. For any tattoo design, the shoulder is quite a wide space, and the stretched designs or something in landscape view makes the art flourish more.

You can also be assured that the skin at the shoulder does not stretch much like the other parts of the body. Your design remains intact and does not change the outlook from a different position. Apply Tattoo Aftercare Creams like Tattoo Ointments, Numb spray for tattoos and Tattoo Sunscreen to get better results.

Another positive aspect the tattoos at the upper shoulder enjoy is the preservation of the tattoo colour. Can a tattoo cream enhance tattoo color? As the place generally remains under your attire, the sunburn and fading colours remain under control compares to tattoos in your arms or other open spaces. This ensures the colour stays intact for a long and the tattoo gets healed completely without much issues. If you also learn more about How to protect your tattoo from the sun it can help you.

A Traditional and popular Aspect

In ancient history, the Upper Shoulder tattoo is related to the strength and power of the masculine clan of the society, and since then, men are fond of this kind of tattoo. Several celebrities from the sports or entertainment arena possess such tattoos, which have made this a hot favourite among tattoo enthusiasts. In fact, the artist in the studio themselves portrays such tattoos that impress the customers soon they get to see it.

Dragons tattoos are a versatile option for a tattoo at the upper shoulder. It can offer you multiple choices to cover your shoulder from different angles. The Japanese or Chinese dragons are quite a popular choice you have in dynamic styles, which looks like wrap around your strong biceps and chest. You can attract the attention of anyone with such an antique piece on your body. Eagles with their feathers are another artistic option you have to be inked as the Upper Shoulder tattoo.

Men in a darker shade prefer a different kind of tattoo at their shoulders coming down to the chest. This includes various styles like dialogues or some popular prophecies written in a band or some other designs which require a wider place.

Thick and curbed lines with antique tribal signs are what people of dark skin also prefers. The depth of the tattoos’ designs represents a lot, which is why this is becoming one of the most desired tattoos in the world among men. Striking rings and knots make another perfect style for the tattoos in the upper shoulder part.

Why Special?

The Upper Shoulder tattoo is exceptional because it makes you look wider. You must be wondering about this feature of tattoos and the possibilities of looking different with the tattoos at your shoulder. If you choose a horizontal design for your shoulder strategically, taking guidance from the artist, it will make you look wider from the shoulder.

You can look spacious from the upper half of the body seamlessly. People with a shorter height gain optical height with the tattoos on their shoulder places and crafted as expected and desired.

Though black is used most commonly in tattoos, but when other colours like red and green are also used alongside, it looks more sharper than a single colour. The visual interest also makes it more interesting for the viewers. Straight lines do wonder on your shoulder as they create a wider and bolder appearance when used in tattoos.

You have to understand the physical attributes you have and choose the options that will make your limitations an advantage in an adverse way. When you choose texts as a tattoo for your shoulder, remember to consult with the artist because the size and font of the text can become the deciding factor for your height and width as you look after getting the tattoo done.

As the tattoos are permanent art on your body, don’t hurry to make the decision. Wait for the right design and right time to get inked as you won’t be able to change the decision when it is done, or the work is in halfway. Also learn about Tattoo aftercare first 24 – 48 hours. You can ask for a demo tattoo sticker for the place and design you plan to get permanently. This will make the decision faster and stronger as you will get a glimpse of what it will look finally. Also learn more about the upper shoulder tattoo aftercare.

You have to invest a good amount to get a good tattoo on your shoulder. For Tattoo aftercare also you need to spend good amount. The artist charges $400-$1000 in average for normal tattoos. When you are planning to get more designed and coloured ones, the cost automatically increases. You have to pay a standard charge for any quality tattoo parlour or studio for a safe and secured experience.